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Beautiful islands in the sea

Wild and mighty and free

Travellers come here from East and West

These islands are a good place to rest


Surrounded by warmth and stillness

We love you islands, God bless

We harbour your memories deep in our soul

Your future is our goal


Peace of mind we can feel

There is a lot these islands can heal

It is beautiful and peaceful islands



Walking on the beach at night

The ocean is a graceful sight

The sounds of the waves that are rolling in

And the moon is full on the scene


The gale and the stillness compete

And makes the whole crati9on complete

To day the storm makes the boats seek bay

Tomorrow is the most glamorous day!


Light of a ship is seen

For years and years it has been

Towards the horizon when it blends into sky

That memory will never die


Two eagels are soariing on the wind

A new day is soon to begin

The sun is rising in the morning view

A place where no one should feel blue







Vilmar Eddy HIlberg-Jacobsen

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                                     (Reg. world-wide  -   my IPI  number  238948522)                                                                       

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