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*******    R e t u r n    t o    l o v e    ******

My soul is in confinement

Apprehended by lust

Resulting in resentment

Turning my spirit to dust


We are all on a journey;

Away from or back to God

Bewildered and reluctantly learning;

Walking paths we shouldnít have trod


Iím returning to love

Iím returning to Heaven

Iím returning to Life

Return to love

Return to love

Return to love

Return to love


God is irrefrangable

Holy like Jesus his child

The sin maybe irresistable

If seduced by thedevilís wild

Iím returning to love  etc...



Vilmar Eddy H Jacobsen

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                                     (Reg. world-wide  -   my IPI  number  238948522)                                                                       

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