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You look into her eyes and you are dead

Gone to the realm of the dreamer`s land

Lucky is that man who got her wed

Thoughts running wild when shaking her hand

Beyond comprehension

Her radiation is too irresistible

It`s a feeling of celectial redemption

Temptation better be invincible

How wonderful creation shows

Displaying here in this lovely

How that is possible, only God knows

Making hearts beat fast or slowely

She is mesmerizing me

When she sparkles her eyes

Whatever that can be

There is a story she unties


It's a sweet tribulation

An ache that is not bad at all

How mysterious vibriation

Could it be an angel's call

Cloning her would have been a good ide

Hadn't it been for one everlasting reassuring fact

The soul is just THE ONE GEUNUINE to be

That no-one; nobody; - ever - can re-enact

So, she is gone; she is sealed

All of you who still long and crave

She is gone; your grieving must be healed

She is gone; and we must dispatch yearning in its grave

Ended this date;


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